Join Our Board

In order to keep PAYSA vibrant and growing, we need a strong and engaged Board.

The PAYSA Board of Directors is comprised of player parents and other members of the community interested in maintaining PAYSA’s place as one of the city’s largest and best-run youth sports organizations.  The Board typically meets quarterly to tend to the behind-the-scenes business that makes each fall season a successful one. Tasks include establishing policy and coordinating volunteer activity, which ranges from buying uniforms and equipment, to forming teams, to establishing schedules and planning season-ending activities.

We are currently seeking candidates for the following Board positions:

Director – Scholarships and Outreach

Role & Responsibilities: The Director – Scholarships and Outreach shall be responsible for administering the in-house Scholarship Program and driving our Greater Portland area community engagement efforts. This includes fundraising activities approved by the Board of Directors; submission of applications for grants; underserved community engagement; new program development; development of public relations material for use in PAYSA media channels.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Profession appointment in social services or community-based role.
  • Desire to improve children’s lives through engagement in soccer programming.
  • Ability to work with a varied demographic in empathetic manner
  • Willingness to act a PAYSA liason to Greater Portland Charitable organizations.

Time Commitment: This position ramps up as scholarships for Fall Programming are received in the July/August time frames.


Role & Responsibilities:  The registrar shall own and maintain our player/coach/parent database and update the necessary records as needed; shall work with the Rec & Travel Directors to enable the registration process for our programming; maintain accurate lists of payment status; facilitate reporting of program enrolments to SoccerME; work with the Treasurer to ensure payments are properly recorded in the system.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn the GotSoccer online participant data basing.
  • Diligence and attention to detail.

Time Commitment:  This position ramps up in the March/April & July/August time frames as we begin enrollments for our Spring & Fall programming, respectively.


Role & Responsibilities: The Treasurer shall direct and attend to the depositing of funds belonging to the corporation; shall direct and attend to the depositing of funds and the securities of the corporation in such depositories or with such custodians as the Board of Directors shall designate; may endorse for deposit or collection all notes, checks and other instruments payable to the corporation or its order; may accept drafts on behalf of the corporation ; and may sign all bonds, deeds contracts checks, drafts, notes and other obligations for the payment of money of the corporation unless some other person is thereto specifically authorized by the vote of the Board of Directors on the finances of the corporation and shall exercise all other duties customarily incident to the office of treasure of an organization.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Quick Books, this is the program used to track the PAYSA finances.
  • Knowledge of Got Soccer, payments whether credit card, check or cash are recorded in Got Soccer.  Must be able to access Got Soccer and record/verify payments.
  • Knowledgeable in IRS tax laws and tax filing for 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organizations.
  • CPA degree or other financial education would be beneficial.

Time Commitment:  This position ramps up in the March/April & July/August time frames as we begin enrollments for our Spring & Fall programming, respectively.  Monthly reconciliations of accounts are sent to the Board for review.  Taxes are filed and various reports are submitted to SoccerME.

Referee Assignor

Role & Responsibilities:  The Referee Assignor works to ensure all PAYSA games have appropriate referee coverage; maintains a list of available referees; provides game assignments to selected referees; coordinates payments of referees; assists to ensure referees have required certifications; serves as agent to referee pool; acts as referee advocate on Board of Directors; attend annual referee assignor meetings.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Existing Assignor Certification or willingness to become certified.
  • Ability to serve as agent/confidant to pool of referees.
  • Desire to conduct mentoring and facilitate referee development programs.
  • Ability to negotiate last-minute schedule and availability troubleshooting.

Time Commitment:  This position works in parallel with Spring and Fall Soccer programming.  There is an element of continuous improvement and referee development that may stretch a little beyond the actual game season.

If you’re highly organized and have both a strong sense of teamwork and a great sense of humor, please contact us!